Friday, May 15, 2015

The Purge: Highlighters and Bronzers

This is one declutter that I've been putting off because I absolutely love my highlighters, and I'm pretty attached to some of my bronzers. I know I have to go through my entire collection, so it had to be done. I am beginning to have a slight obsession with highlighters. You'll see that later.

I have fewer bronzer than highlighters, so I want to start with those. My very first, most used, most loved bronzer is from Milani. It's the Baked Bronzer in 06 Golden. It has some shimmer to it, but not a ton. I love this, and I'm definitely keeping it.

I have two elf products to show you. The first is the elf Essentials Bronzer in Bronzed. It's a bit lighter than the one from Milani, but for only being 1$, it is really smooth and easy to blend. I'll keep it for now. The other is actually a Mineral Foundation in the shade Deep. This I use to contour. I love it a whole lot, so I won't be tossing it.

From Pixi Beauty, I have their Bronzer in Summertime. I believe this is the darkest bronzer they make. I adore the packaging, but the product is a way too light for me. #byefelicia

I have the Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in Medium-Dark. I've had this for about a year and probably only used it 5 times. It is super pretty, and the swatch of it is not how it looks on the face. Still mine!

Last, I have the Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer in Blackberry. I freaking love this! I really wish there were more of these available in stores. I use it to contour even though it has shimmer to it.

Starting Number: 6
Ending Number: 5

I have a single loose highlight. It's the Loose Powder in LSP4. I hadn't started using it until recently, and it is so glittery! I've only used it when I wanna be super dramatic with my makeup.

I have two pressed highlighters, both from The Balm: Betty and Cindy Lou Manizer. I originally purchased Betty and after falling in love with it got Cindy. Both of these are the kind of highlight you need a very light hand for. I love them both.

As for baked highlighters, I have 3. The first is actually a blush from City Colors in the shade Coral. It was too light to use as a blush, so I started using it as a highlight. From elf, I have Blush Gems. It is sooooo pretty! I can't believe I didn't buy this sooner. My newest highlight is MAC MSF in the infamous Soft & Gentle. I have been sleeping on this! I never bought it because it was so expensive, but my lovely boyfriend got it for me. Never giving this puppy up!

Finally are my cream/liquid highlighters. First up is The One Stick from Be A Bombshell. The idea of this was really great, but it is such a hassle to apply. I can't keep this anymore. I barely use it. Next up is Fallen Angel from Starlooks. The color of this is gorgeous. You do have to build it up for it to be a strong highlight, but that may just be because I have darker skin.

This last highlight is my absolute favorite. It is the Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream from City Color. It's kind of like the BB Illuminator from Gerard Cosmetics where you can use it as a highlight or an illuminating primer or mix it with your foundation for a more dewy look. It is super blingy on the face. I have to put this on underneath my foundation so that it isn't too powerful.

Starting Number: 9
Ending Number: 8

So I definitely thought I would get rid of at least 2 more products, but that's ok. I'm still losing 2 things that I just won't use. I still have a few more parts of my collection to go through, so come back to see the rest.

Kiss, Kiss.

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