Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Project Mini Pan

I can't believe I've never actually done one of these Project Pan challenges. I see them all over YouTube, and I love those kinds of videos. Just like with my declutter series, they give me the motivation to reduce the size of my collection. I honestly really hate abandoning products, so it is easier for me to just use them up. I have 5 products here that I want to finish in the next 6 weeks. I will do a 3 week update and then a final update. Here's what I've got:

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent
This is my go-to warm weather toner. I use it both morning and night to get rid of any access oils. I bought this last summer and only used about a third of it. I've used a bit more since then, but I really just want to get it out of my collection so that I can say I finished it. I'm totally one of those. I have about 2/5 of this left.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask - Avocado & Oatmeal
This is such a great mask. It is seriously good. My skin feels so good after I use it, and I just really love clay masks. The reason I want to finish this off is just because I have so many masks that I need to get through, including another one of these that I bought on accident. It looks like I'm about a third through this.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - 320 Honey Beige
This is oldest foundation that I own. I know I've mentioned that like a zillion times before, but that's exactly why I wanna get rid of it. I am sooooo close to being done with this foundation. I might have half an in of product left in the bottle. I have been mixing this with a really mattifying foundation lately, but I will continue to use it that way and hopefully finish it in the next 6 weeks.

SheerCover Base Perfector Primer
I have 2 more of these. 2 more! I love this primer. This is my second full size one I've gone through. No matter how many primers I have, I always end up going to this one when I don't want to think about anything. I'm just over halfway done with this. I feel like this one will take some effort to get through.

LA Colors Eyeliner/ Brow Pencil
I honestly couldn't tell you how long I've had this eye pencil, but it's still isn't dried out, and I have like 3 other stubs of a black eyeliner, so I need to get rid of them. There isn't anything super special about it other than it doesn't clump in my inner corner when I wear it. I will gauge progress with this one based on how letters I can still see.

I hope I can actually finish these in the time I've given myself. That seems doable, right?

Kiss, Kiss.

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