Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Purge: Makeup Bags

This might seems a bit arbitrary and silly, but I have a billion and one makeup bags thanks to Ipsy and a few other places. I think a lot of these are super cute, but I rarely use them, so I thought I should go through them and give them away to friends or use them to hold small gifts.

Starting off with my 2 tube shaped bags, I know I'm gonna toss the pink one. I got them both from Ipsy a while ago. The pattern on the other is so cute, and I love the colors. The pink bag is just too plain for me.

I've got a few textured bags in the past from Ipsy. I'm only tossing one from this section: the gold one. It's the only bag I have with a handle, but I just don't see myself actually putting things in this and carrying it around.

This next group of bags all have some sort of print on them. I'm actually getting rid of 3 of these. The only 2 I'm keeping are the big one with the polka dots and the white one with the abstract design. I hate the blue one. I think the pattern is really ugly. The other 2 just aren't that exciting to me.

My next 4 all have some sort of natural pattern on them. I can't part with any of these. These are my favorite kind of pattern.

I have 4 bags from Lip Monthly. 2 are identical and another is super cute and the last is really plain. I'm keeping one of the blue bags, and I'm keeping the plain one. I would keep the orange one, but the zipper broke and I can't figure out how to fix it.

I have 4 more patterened bags. One of these I drew on. It was my very first Ipsy bag from back in 2013. I can't get rid of it. One of my favorites is the purple bag, so I'll be keeping it too. The glitter bag and the one with the chevron pattern can go. All that glitter drives me nuts and the other is just not super sturdy.

This last group of bags are just kind of thrown together. One of my more recent Ipsy bags is in here, and I just adore it. The bag with studs is the only kind I have like it. There isn't anything wrong with the other 3, I just think they're really plain, so they can go.

Starting Number: 28
Ending Number: 16

I'm tossing almost half of these! I did so well! I went into this thinking I wanted to only have half as many, and I almost made that happen. Thanks for stopping by!

Kiss, Kiss.

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