Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Purge: Eyeshadow Palettes - Wet N Wild

I've finally gotten to the point where I need to go through my shadow palettes. *deep breath* I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work or if I'll even be able to get rid of any, but I'll definitely try. I don't have these grouped in any particular order as far as price goes. Today I'll go through Wet N Wild.

I have a ton of Wet N Wild palettes. I buy just about every one they release if I get the chance. These were the first shadows I started using way back when. Some of these are really well loved and some not so much. I have one single palette from the Fergie line called Desert Festival. These shadows are gorgeous, especially the orange shade. 

I have 3 larger limited edition palettes from a few Christmas's ago. I've got one really cool toned neutral palette called A Great Glistener, one more smoky neutral palette called No Neutral Ground, and one with brighter colors called Lights, Camera, Attraction. The mattes in theses are phenomenal! I was pleasantly surprised to see that these had matte shadows that were actually really good. Of the three, No Neutral Ground has the best texture and pigmentation. 

And of course I own 2 of the staple 8-pan palettes that are permanent. My (and everyone else's) very favorite is Comfort Zone. Trust me. You need this palette in your life. Petal Pusher is also a very lovely palette. Like the name suggests, it's full of purple floral shades. 

Of their eyeshadow trios, I have 7. My two absolute favorites are Knock On Wood and I'm Getting Sunburned. These have some gorgeous, warm neutral shades that are perfect for everyday.

My two greener trios are I Dream of Greenie and Cool As A Cucumber. Greenie used to be a favorite, but now I just never even want to use it. This one I will pass on. 

The last 3 trios are kind of a mix of colors. Zero Dark Flirty is completely matte, I Got Good Jeans has a gorgeous navy blue that I love, and I'm Feeling Retro has a really lovely pinky purple shade. 

The final batch are 3 of the newer 5-pan palettes. I've got Art in the Streets, The Naked Truth, and Floral Values. The pigmentation on these isn't that great except for Art in the Streets. That's the only one out of this bunch that I'll be keeping. 

Starting Number: 16
Ending Number: 13

I'm actually really surprised that I was able to get rid of a few of these. Wet N Wild makes my favorite drugstore eyeshadows besides the Maybelline quads. I am really glad though. That frees up room in my collection for things I'll like a whole lot more. 

Kiss, Kiss.

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